Electrocheck are happy to give free advice on the phone to anyone 
who is considering having electrical works done or if you are purchasing a new house and want to know potential costs for electrical repairs/installations.  
Also, if you have a problem with your electrical system. 
Q: I can smell burning?  
Q: One of the main switches in my fusebox keeps tripping. 
What should I do? 
Q: How can I tell how old the electrical wiring in my house is?  
A: Is it a fishy smell? If it is, you will need to get immediate help from an electrician as this may be a sign of PVC smouldering. Switch off the appliance/equipment and do not use again until checked by the electrician. If you get any smell of burning (or sign of burning), turn off the appliance and seek help. 
A: It is better to call the electrician to make sure it is safe as you may not have rewired the fitting correctly.  
A: This is probably caused by a faulty appliance. It might be possible to identify this on the phone. If you are local to the Edinburgh area, call Electrocheck as they may be able to advise you free of charge.  
A: Firstly, look at the fuseboard. What style and condition is it in? If it looks new, it probably is. If it has rewirable fuses in it, then it is probably an old style and may need attention. Electrocheck can give free advice and a free estimate over the phone. 
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